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A Will can ensure your properties are distributed as per your Wishes and not as per the legal process or succession laws of your religion - to ascertain who your legal heirs are. A Will can assure you that the family bonding remains intact. Every individual must know “Why Will is necessary”, and there are many valid reasons like:-

Many individuals get insurance policies for themselves and family members because we all accept the truth that life is full of uncertainties, and death is inevitable for all individuals, at any age. So, if a person has taken an insurance policy for the financial stability of his / her family members but he has not arranged to give written instructions as to how insurance claim should be distributed within the family, in such a situation how can you expect proper or smooth distribution of insurance claim after you leave them without informing about your wishes?

What is a WILL

It is necessary for an individual to know the basic concept as to “What is a Will” and clear all the myths prevailing in the minds of people like educated adults / professionals / businessmen and others.

A Will should be made by any individual – male or female who owns any property (whether big or small) like a flat, bank account, insurance policy, shares, provident fund, gratuity, postal deposit, jewellery etc.

A Will is nothing but a written document containing a set of instructions to distribute your properties after you die, as per your wishes which could be your to your family - parents, spouse, children, needy friends / relatives / servants, charity, etc.

A Will does not require any stamp paper; it can be made on plain paper.

How to make a WILL

Once you are aware of Why to make a WILL, What is a WILL – next you may wish to know How to make a WILL, we suggest the following options:

We suggest that one should gather information from various sources and take the decision to make a Will and also make-up his mind about how he wants to distribute his properties

A Will can be made by a person himself / herself in a simple language without any legal assistance.

A Will is to be written or typed, with details including personal details, mental soundness, family details, property details, bequeath details and details of both witnesses.

Make your Will when you are mentally sound, without any fear, force or coercion.